King of Kechi vol.5 ※日本語訳あり



( This is Namakemono’s column for English practice. You will find many mistakes in this page, but don’t mind! If you mind them, you will become a loser. It is important not to care small things. Hahahaha…) 

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According to what I heard, KK always losts something big by making small stingy.

For example, he reduced the salareis of his company’s worker who is one of the most deligent worker in the team by thousands yen per month for no reason.

And other worker was deceived by KK for transportation expenses of hundreds of yen.


As a result, the nice employees decided to quire KK’s company.


Because they thought that KK must have been looking him lightly and he couldn’t trust him any more.


It is small story, but naturally important.



5.The characteristic of kechi

Kechi person losts something big by making small stingy.


If you stick to what you don’t have to care, you will lose important person and things.

It is too mottainai!!

…I’d like to avoid becoming such a situation.


to be continued…