King of Kechi vol.3 ※日本語訳あり



( This is Namakemono’s column for English practice. You will find many mistakes in this page, but don’t mind! If you mind them, you will become a loser. It is important not to care small things. Hahahaha…) 

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Kechi-king had a wrong act at another place.

He had bought a sushi set of “omiyage” only for himself secretly  by the money from participants of the dinner.

It might be about 3,000 yen and the price wasn’t too expensive.

Despite of the low prices, his cheating came out on the spot.


Surprisingly, there was “another” Kechiking at the dinner!

…Kechi-kings are existing everywhere.


He found and pointed out that.

Thus, they started a big fight for the omiyage at the sushi bar.



3.The characteristic of kechi

Kechi person is sensitive to a dishonest act of other kechi persons.

Similar people may be easy to find.


…I’d like to avoid becoming such a small personality.


to be continued…