King of Kechi vol.1.5(?) ※日本語訳あり



( This is Namakemono’s column for English practice. You will find many mistakes in this page, but don’t mind! If you mind them, you will become a loser. It is important not to care small things. Hahahaha…) 

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This page is between vol.1 and vol.2 (“hazama” in Japanese).

I’m sorry for making a mistake yesterday.

…I set a wrong password in the previous story.

I saw the access data of and I wondered why kechi-king vol.2 had so much more than the day before yesterday.

Meanwhile, a man who is fun of contacted me and said that he couldn’t open the page, in spite of entering the correct password many times…

After hearing that, I could understand the reason of the much more accesses.

Many people might have repeated trials and errors to read kechi-king vol.2 and the access volume was included the error pages.

I thought, if many people wanted to read kechi-king, it wasn’t necessary to protect with password.

Thus, I decided to stop setting password.


I appreciate your continuous reading my columns.

Please enjoy kechi-king! 


to be continued…