King of Kechi vol.1 ※日本語訳あり



( This is Namakemono’s column for English practice. There are many mistakes in this page, but don’t care! If you care them, you will become a loser. Hahahaha…) 

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I’ll tell you some nonsense stories about the kechi-king. 

In spite of tightfisted(=stingy person=kechinbou in Japanese), he likes to set somebody up to meals.


I wondered why, but I could understand the reason soon.

After he had a meal to someone, he talked to many people about that many times.

He just wanted to say “I had a meal for someone and I’m generous for money (generous means “futoppara “in Japanese”.


He says proudly,

“I had a steak for Mr. A three weeks ago.”

“I paid all for the last year’s Halloween party.”


It is very persistent … OMG !!


1.The characteristic of kechi 

It is super patronizing.

Patronizing means “On kise gamashii” in Japanese.

Treating someone is very big event for kechi-king.


…I’d like to avoid becoming such a small personality.


to be continued…