King of Kechi vol.0 ※日本語訳あり



( This is Namakemono’s column for English practice. You will find many mistakes in this page, but don’t mind! If you mind them, you will become a loser. It is important not to care small things. Hahahaha…) 


I heard of some funny stories about a man whom is called “A king of Kechi” by stakeholders in his absence.


 I’ll tell you about the king’s nonsense stories and think about the features of “Kechi” through them.


I explain to “Kechi” before that.

“Kechi” means “Stingy” and expresses “Sekoi” in another Japanese.

It isn’t only in term of how to spend on money.


Because Money usage is life itself.


So, it includes various things, for example, how to think about everything and how to act for  everyone in life.


The king seems to very very too kechi.

I think the person of kechi will live stingy and poor life and the king might live as the same.


to be continued…